Friday, August 14, 2009

At the Stadium of Herat City

This is a photo taken on Thursday August 13th before the arrival of the President Karzai to the city. You can see the big posters with the president along with some historical places as background. I am going to post few photos from Karzai in town by tomorrow morning.


  1. Great photo of Karzai welcome posters, Aref! His photo in front of the Herat mosque is really cool! I also see soccer teams playing - would any of them have a chance playing against the "Ansari" team?!

  2. My those posters are huge. Not sure I'd ever like to see my photo as large as that. Bad enough seeing small ones! Lovely backgrounds too.

    Who won the footie match?

  3. Hi Leif,
    This is not the first level of tournament. These teams which are 10 in numbers play for the second level. If we loose all the games we will fall to this level and will play against them but not for now.

  4. Hi Winifred,
    Thanks for reading and seeing my posts. In this match, the yellow team which is called AMOO won the match. They scored two and the final result for the game was 2-0 for the yellow one.


  5. Love the yellow of their shirts really jump out at you.

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.