Sunday, August 23, 2009

Herat City Wide Soccer Team

First of all, I apologize for not posting in the last 5 days. I had gone to the village during the elections with my family. We stayed there and till Saturday August 21st. everything went well during the election with no major incident in Herat and its 14 districts. People were able to vote for the presidential and provincial council at the same time.
In this posting I wanted to post a photo from Herat City Wide Team involved in ‘Peace’ tournament in Jalal Abad Province.
Recently, Herat City Wide Soccer Team had participated national tournament in Jalal Abad province in north – east of Afghanistan, very close to Pakistan border. The tournament was called ‘peace tournament” and aimed to choose Afghanistan football national team’s players. 8 provinces who were able to be champions in their zones had the right to be a part of this big tournament. The results ended with Kabul as the champion team, Jalal Abad the second and Herat got the third position among all provinces in Afghanistan. The governor of Jalal Abad – Mr. Gol Agha Shirzai did a great job in hosting the best 8 provinces while they were in Jalal Abad. He is one of the best and closet friends for President Karzai and President Obama and one of the best governors in Afghanistan as %99 of the population believe so. I was the head coach for Herat City Wide Team in this tournament.


  1. Glad things stayed peaceful in Herat. Now to wait for the result. Its a shame it was such a low turnout across the country. Congratulations on getting your team to a third place in the tournament.

  2. Congratulations on your successful results at the soccer tournament. You "football" players seem to be great friends and have a lot of fun together! Aref, you seem to be meeting very important politicians. Is there a future in politics for you??

  3. Dear Leif,
    What I am planning for now is to finish my master degree. I have already applied through the Rotary International for 2010-2012 and am waiting to hear the final results. Let's see. In politics, I have already been asked to represent our tribe - Pushton Tribe which is called Noorzai in Parliament which is coming in 10 months from now on. After the presidential and provincial elections, the parliamentary election will happen to choose the senates. So, I am not sure if to say yes or no. But all depends to my MA results which i am waiting for.

  4. We are happy to have you back.
    Good luck in your studies and future plans.

    Nice team.
    And nice meal together in today's post.