Sunday, August 16, 2009

President In Herat

On Friday, August 14th, president Hamid Karzai gave a visit to Herat for the election rally. Thousands of people came to the Herat stadium and welcomed the president with his delegation from the capital - Kabul. In a high security scheme with cooperation of ISAF, Afghan National Army and the President Special Security Force, every thing went well without any incident. The elders of many tribes in the west region came to welcome the president and claimed thier fully supports from Mr. President for the second round of the elections.


  1. Nice photo of many hands.
    So glad it went smoothly.

  2. Thanks to you, Aref, I could feel like I was right there in the middle of the election excitement! I see President Karzai in the front and the sea of all men, many wearing the traditional turban. Wonderful, history making photos!

  3. And what about that law about women that I just read that was voted these days? is it true?
    Do really men take custody of children after divorse?
    Are they allowed not to give food to their wife if she does not want to have sex with them?
    I am afraid that the answer is yes, I know there is nothing you can do, I am so sorry for all those women, I wish something could be done...
    Ι am sure that it is not away the time that the women will find their rights.

  4. Hi Lemon,
    If a woman get divorsed, the father take custody of children.
    In Afghani culture, the women has the most important role in a family and more respect than others but all inside the house. I mean all they can do is to take care of children and train them. They do not have to work and this is the man's responsibilty to bring food, save and work. You will not find some body that has not provided food for his family - wife and children.