Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nomadic Life

On my way to the villge last week, I saw nomadic people living in black tents and busy with animal husbandry to support thier needs with a peacefully way of living. This is a normal way of living for this group of people in Afghanistan. All they posses is few sets of tents, few camel, sheeps and very basic utensils for cooking. They always travel from places to places. They stay in palces with having enough greens and garsses for thier animals as food. When there is not enough greens and grass as food to the animla, they travel to the other palces with enough food for the animals. This is thier life. Very simple but peacefully. They sells some of the animal products as milk and the wool to buy thier basic needs. I took this phot 4 days ago when I was going to my village during the elections. There is another photo which shows the sun set and its beauty in the village.


  1. To our mind there is something so romantic and appealing about the simple but hard life of the nomads.
    Thanks for this view of the tents. The hills look so barren. "Slim pickings" for the grazing animals.
    Your sunset is gorgeous!

  2. What an interesting posting about the nomads! They must be a very close community of families. I wonder how many people in such a "tribe?"
    Your sunset photo is magnificent!

  3. Fascinating. Didn't realise there were still nomads in you country.

  4. Oh I love the photograhpy of a beautiful land. Just beautiful sunset. thank you for sharing

  5. Very interesting to read of these nomadic people and their ultra simple life, and I am sure they are a happy people even with so very little. Life would be very hard and austere.
    Beautiful country.