Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bomb blast in Afghanistan’s Herat

A silence full of sorrow

The Taliban killed at least 12 people and critically injured a local police chief in western Afghanistan’s main city - Herat, on Monday with a remote-controlled bomb hidden in a trash can. It killed 10 civilians and two police. The attack appeared to target the police chief for nearby Injil district who was driving into town. He said the district chief, Mohammad Issa, was being transferred to a NATO-run hospital in critical condition. Later today, the injured commander also passed away. The bombing in the comparatively calm Western city of Herat highlighted the volatile situation across the country as Afghanistan braces for presidential and local elections later this month. A close friend of mine was also among these deaths. He had only 24 years old whose father is a chef earning little cash to support the family. Nadershah was jobless for almost 3 years and finally got a job as a driver at provincial reconstructin team ( PRT Italian ) in Herat, earning $200 a month to help his father and family financially. His death is unbelievable and even his body is burried but his wife still thinks that he is just injured and is in hospital. I had a very sad week and were not able to post pictures from Herat. The picture posted here is my very closed friend who was killed in Monday bomb explosion jn Herat.

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