Monday, August 17, 2009

Mousallah Complex

Collection of minarets, a mosque and a medressa ( school ), the whole complex is known as the Mousallah Complex. The old Medressa was bnuilt by the queen Gowhar Shah in 1411. She was the daughter of famous ruler Timur. Close to the complex there is a large domed tomb of Gowhar Shah.There were total 12 minarets in this complex. 7 of them are destroyed with time but still five remain in the complex. The Mousallah Complex has been described as the most beautiful example in color and architecture ever devised by man.


  1. Cool photo with the mountains in the background! Long, interesting history! We don't have anything that old in the USA! Karzai, Abdullah or another one - who will win?

  2. Dear Leif,
    This is going to be clear within a week time from now on. In my point of view, Karzai is going to win for this time as well. He is has more chances to win the election as media and papers say these days.